Cowboy And The Quarterback – Drake Von And Calvin Banks

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Description: Cowboy and the Quarterback -bareback-: In this week's ColbyKnox update, Drake Von is decked out in football gear. Pads, tight pants that highlight his curvy ass, and a helmet. As he walks, coming up behind him, is Calvin Banks. He's on an all-terrain vehicle, wearing a cowboy hat. Ripped jeans show off his sturdy thighs. "What's up, Drake," Calvin wonders, pulling up. "How did your game go?" "Good. As always," Drake replies. Calvin offers him a ride and Drake gets on, wrapping an arm around the cowboy's waist. They drive up to a shed. Calvin stands up but Drake isn't ready for him to leave. He wants some practice time. :-) He fondles Calvin's thighs, giving that ass a good whack. "Let me give you a better view," Calvin suggests. He stands up, unbuckles his belt, and places his pale butt right in Drake's face. "Fuck. That just made me so horny," Drake explains. He leans in, licking Calvin's butt hole. "Fuck, yeah," Calvin encourages with a grin. "Get in there." "You got a fucking plump ass," Drake says. "Fucking birthday cake." Calvin moves a leg so Drake's tongue can work its magic. The wizardry leaves Calvin's hole doused with spit. He's ready, like a good cowboy, to get in the saddle again. He pulls his pants down a little further, sitting on Drake's bare dick. "Holy, fuck," Calvin exclaims. "That is so big." Drake grabs Calvin's hips, guiding him on his rod. "Push it in me," Calvin pleads. "Push it." Calvin's insides are smashed. And he wants each stroke. The football player is busting his cowboy. Calvin stands up but the deep dicking never stops. "Fuck me, "Drake," Calvin begs. He arches his back to give Drake more access. "Take that dick," Drake commands. "You're so deep," Calvin whimpers. They move to the shed for shade. Calvin bends over, grabbing a post. The quarterback pushes his way back in the hole. "Yeah, Drake," Calvin exclaims. "Give it to me. Fuck me." "Fuck. You like that," Drake asks. Calvin groans gratitude. "Fucking naughty cowboy," Drake observes. "Fuck me harder," Calvin moans. "Please." "Take that fucking cock," the quarterback demands. "I might have to get the whole team on you next." Calvin is ready for all the football dick he can get. Drake's pace picks up. His balls slap Calvin's backside. "Fuck, yeah," Drake says. "Giddy-up." Calvin wants more. And he wants it rough. "Fuck me harder," he whimpers. Drake holds Calvin's undershirt, guiding the cowboy's hole on his slab of beef. Calvin moves to a riding lawn mower, pointing his legs in the air. When Drake reinserts his dick, Calvin's eyes widen. His own massive meat is hard as a rock. "Get those deep strokes," the cowboy moans. "Come on, football boy. Fuck me." Calvin spreads his legs so his hole can be pummeled. "Fuck the cum out of me," Calvin implores. "Please don't stop." Man milk explodes out of Calvin's cock. He's fucked so hard he loses his cowboy hat. Drake pulls out, jerking over Calvin's face. "I'll fucking soak you," Drake promises. His seed splatters on Calvin's outstretched tongue and face. He kisses Drake's staff, licking the juice that dribbles down. The scene closes with Calvin licking Drake's fingers. Do you think he's ready to take on the quarterback's teammates? :-)
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